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The mission of is to promote a handpicked selection of great music. If you feel that you share the vibe similar to the one emanating from, send us your demo – a mix-tape, radio show or a simple track.

All files must be in MP3 format with the resolution 320/44. The tags of MP3 file must include the following information: title; name of the artist (or author of a mix-tape / radio show); year of release (or year of production of a mix-tape / radio show); copyright (record label, publisher or blog, i.e. the owner of the track or mix-tape).

You can send your contribution by sending a (Dropbox or other) link to your file to Also please specify if you wish that your track can only be streamed and not downloaded.

Our board of editors will select contributions according to their subjective taste. All material sent to us that is not broadcasted via will be not spread or used elsewhere.