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helmut zacharia - tokyo melody
maria cinta - allez tapez dans les mains
screaming lord sutch - the cheat
marie laforet - sunday morning
rogerio duprat - batacumba
agincourt - barn owl blues
july - dandelion seeds
him and the others - she's got eyes
the night blooms - crystal eyes
praline - cest comme je vous ldis
mulatu astatqe - yegelle tezeta
amon dull II - archangel thunderbird
the all night workers - why dont you smile now
bill matte - parlez vous l'francais
la dusseldorf - silver cloud
the poets - thats the way its gotta be
robert hall - version
jean yves tourbin - le boumerang
thane russell - drop everything and run
the open window - 4 a.m. june the sky was green panatella 1

Added 3197 days ago.
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